Polyart Aquarium

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Polyart Aquarium is an established 24 hour pet goods store (since 1998) specialising in both tropical and marine aquarium livestock and small pets (hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, terrapin, frogs, crabs and etc.) We also provide a wide range of services that include tank or pond personalised designs, delivery, set-up and maintenance.

At our Clementi main branch, we have available for you a wide inventory of available aquarium products that caters for all budget ranges and specific needs. Our products include well-known brands both locally or overseas such as ADA, Eheim, Hikari, Ocean Free, Seachem, Tropical and more.

We are confident to say that we have in one single shop the widest available inventory of all commonly used products by aquarium hobbyists in our region. If you can't find something you want, don't hesitate to tell us, we will definitely try to get it for you or provide you with the next best alternative.

Our 24 hour open policy means you never have to worry about stocking up backup goods and equipment in case of crisis such as power outages or equipment failure, saving you money for your budget. We have helped many customers experiencing such situations get the equipment they need in time to save their tanks or ponds.

Our large family of sales representatives are well versed in fish lore and our store inventory, so you can always consult our reps for aid or information any time, even over the phone at our store contact number. You can also drop a message at our Facebook page that is daily monitored to inquire and discuss any issue or curiosity, and we will always reply within a day or less.